newest stuff..

i really really need a new camara… i have a brand new scanner and i know that would help sooooooo much , but my hubby is a hard worker and a late worker , and he has the know all for this computer stuff. so lord willing very soon ill have better pictures of my artwork… but for now… this is what you get… *note-it was 2am when the photos were taken because when you have three kids and you homeschool them you have to wait until they’re in bed to paint*

so the green one is for a call from somerset studio… its my favorite of what your looking at… the others were all things i just wanted to play around with… sorry about the picture of the black tulip… hopefully i can get a better picture of that when i get this scanner hooked up… i just need to figure it out myself…

oh and im really sorry i cant remember where i saw the button flowers but i think theyre so fun to make… an older lady friend of mine and i are planning to have a craft yard sale , and those button flowers are some things i’ll try to sell….


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