what can you do with one stamp

some of my favorite sections of Somerset Studio Magazine are the With One Palette , and With One Stamp sections. so crafty gal linda over @ http://craftygallinda.wordpress.com/ ,and kim over @ http://www.flyingpigdesigns.blogspot.com/ both cool little blogs , put out this challenge, What can you do with one stamp as the focal point… ok ok so one of these doesnt exactly have the butterfly wings as the focal point… my daughter smiley is the focus… but i just had to. this is an unmounted stamp of wings that i got from a store that was closing online. i embossed the wings in the first photo and added them to the little lady on a small 10cm-10cm canvas….in the second photo i made them into a mask and colored them with colored pencils and drew the lady behing them on cardstock and added them to a baby board book with clouds…then for the next one i just stamped it for a nice little card…. and of course the smiley piece!
this was fun! thank you linda and kim!

3 thoughts on “what can you do with one stamp

  1. Love the butterfly eyes!!and the little cutie with her wings..is she ever an angel!I am working on my board book for “art techniques” and hope to post some of it tonight! cathee
    PS..not doing laundry today!!!

  2. These are wonderful! Your little girl is an absolute angel. I look forward to visiting you often, and hopefully sharing some more challenges with you! Have a great day!

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