this is for a fun contest over at … its a fantasy theme with wings contest… you could win! you have until the 9th of august!

5 thoughts on “wings

  1. gorgeous, you have some really lovely your use of colour. glad you want to take part in the inchie swap. if you go to “view my complete profile” there is somewhere to click to email me.

  2. OH, that is a cool winged tag! I will head over to that site and see about the challenge, thanks for letting us know.

    Also, I will do the challenge from Hop Jingle Boo. I read her blog and missed that somehow. Isn’t she great? I was her swap partner for the matchboxes, and she and I are trading ATCs too.
    Thanks for the nice compliment about the Marie swap, I was sad to have missed it!

  3. Your tag is gorgeous and your site is just wonderful.. Oh and about the mail as a military wife also, I know what you mean… Take care

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