little dresses

i found these five small hangers at a thrift store or somewhere a long time ago and i couldn’t think of anything to do with them….. but i knew i should keep them because inspiration hits ya at the weirdest times. trust me… so this is what i made … not done with the last two. i think theyre kinda cool…. grungy…. frou frou…. shabby chic? i dont know but i like em …

8 thoughts on “little dresses

  1. What darling little dresses! My favorite is #1. (You might just have started a craze her, I think I have to try it myself!)

  2. Ok, can I say I hate you now? Please? Your creativity depresses my jealous soul! You have turned me emo (see how evil you are).

    Now I sit in the corner and cry before I cut myself and moan about the unfairness distribution of talent in this world.

  3. I love your stuff too- I saw your banner before-didn’t make the connection. Thanks for the comment. I will visit when I have more time. I love swaps- please recommend or send me a link if you have one coming up. Thanks!

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