uber bright sad angel

I have wanted to paint this angel for a long time… this is from the little angel tag I did and put up recently…. I’m not liking this painting at all… im so new to acrylics, dont really know what im doin. I have posted a lot of pictures today because it was finally a beautiful sunny day so the kids and I went out and took pictures of all the paintings…. well I did actually. I really need to take a class or somthing for acrylics… I keep trying to use them like oils I guess…. sheesh.

3 thoughts on “uber bright sad angel

  1. I think it is beautiful.. you should
    be proud of yourself for dabbling
    into something you haven’t done a lot
    of.. I commend you for your desire
    and effort. I think it is colorful,
    expressive and worth being proud of.
    Keep experimenting. You will get the
    look and feel you desire..
    best wishes,

  2. Sheri, I have nominated you for a Nice Matters Award. You are a really great artist, but you are an equally great person. You encourage people so much, and I love that about you. xoxo Nita

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