this is my piece for artwords… not very inventive i know….


7 thoughts on “artwords-internalize

  1. Are you aware that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was given a warning that the World Trade Center towers were going to collapse? You can hear him state that someone told him that “the World Trade Center was going to collapse” to Peter Jennings of ABC News here . What makes this statement so controversial is that it is in direct contradiction with the official 9/11 story’s assertion that no one knew at the time that the towers would collapse. The implication here is that someone or some group had inside knowledge of the impending collapse of the towers. The insider(s) in question need(s) to be investigated as a matter of justice and a matter of clarity on the question of whether jihadists are the sole enemies of the U.S. in regards to terrorism. So please share this with others and press for the truth to be recognized and further pursued for the sake of our security and sanity.

    Also of note with the recent talk of a likely terrorist attack this summer is this source which exposes how the release of Bin Laden video, like the most recent one, is used as government propaganda. It is quite possible that a major terror-plot bust will be staged or a terror attack will be allowed/provocateured in the near future to allow the executive branch to rule over the other two branches as the administration has euphemistically written it has the authority to do in time of crisis.

  2. well glenda since i can’t reply to this post and you didnt make an effort to check out my bio i just want you to know that i’m a military spouse … i’ve heard all this we’ve watched everything you can find on the subject and read everything we can find on the subject. our main goal is to protect americans. thats the goal of the UNITED STATES MILITARY. we’re protecting YOUR freedom and rights to do things like this… do you really think that worrying about whether or not somone knew that the towers were goin to be hit or goin to fall or that the pentagon would be hit or anything that happened day is going to change it? the government and out president and our national leaders are not the problem…. WE ARE … we have to change so they will change. ALL OF AMERICA needs to change. im sick to death of the conspiracy theories and for your information more threats of terrorist attacks happen then your realize. the problem though glenda, and this is the last thing im gonna say cause im a christian and i dont want to get really huffy here… is that AMERICANS NEED TO SUPPORT THEIR MILITARY! regardless of anything they are protecting YOU and YOUR family. and their families need your support. their familes go through long deployments and suffer many hardships, our family included, FOR AMERICANS. ok i have to stop … there is so much more to say and if you wnat to talk to me about you can email me if you’d like… but please dont do this again! thank you

  3. — and I meant your artwork by it!!! came directly to comment, and only afterwards realized the what had been going on…

  4. oh its ok…. i dont know that person…. thats a touchy subject and it just came out of nowhere.. im sure they wont even see what i wrote! thank you for the compliments!

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