my favorite little dresses

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Just wanted to show how other people are incorporating little dresses in the art they’re making. Cool right? Just go on over to and check em out! I’m so glad I found about etsy when I did. It’s such an awsome place for crafters… a lot of people have quite the success goin on over there…..

** ok oops i just noticed that theres a little orange monster journal mixed in… but its just so cute right? **


3 thoughts on “my favorite little dresses

  1. Sheri, very cute post. I found a box of little dresses I made last night. I will try to post a few this week. I also have a little present for you, Nita

  2. Sheri, if you still have the little frou frou dress I want to get it. E-mail me if you would and tell me. Nita

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