I’m calling these faded dominoes….

but you tell me what you think…. I think I’ve finally had a “happy accident” as I’ve heard it called… now if YOU have dont this or know anyone who has please tell me…. So I was up late making “stuff” again and I wanted to try my hand at stamping and coloring in Dominoes… well I tried to follow some directions I found in (Somerset Studio) the BEST MAGAZINE IN THE WORLD…. and either I didnt follow the directions or I have the wrong sealer …. because this is what happened…. the ink came off with my “sealer” …. now its not supposed to but…… well I think its kinda cool looking… like a qhost image or a negative image … only in color… whaddya think? Are they cool? the photo with dragonflies shows a finished one and one that hasnt been colored or sealed yet….

3 thoughts on “I’m calling these faded dominoes….

  1. its some technique all the artists kept secret and now.. you know all about it and know how to do it!! dragonfly is superb!

  2. I love them. I want that magazine. Have you had a hard time viewing blogs today? I have and I had a bad time getting anything to post. Nita

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