Round Robin Journal

Have i showed these yet? I don’t think I have…this is an awsome journal round robin Im doin with the theme of NATURE…. now I’m actually showing you pics that have only a few things missing….i other words I did a bit more before sending them off, and I totally fogot to take a pic of my second page… we’re supposed to make two pages and also the front and back cover. It is fun and I can’t wait to see the end result but I can’t wait to get my first one to add somthing to…. oh there is an actual feather from my african grey parrot FRITZ in the second photo… she wanted to contribute to the nature journal…. good bird…. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Round Robin Journal

  1. WOW!! YOUR BLOG IS GREAT!!!! I Love the beautiful art that you do, and EVERYTHING!!!

    I will add you to my favorites.

    I appreciate your comments on my blog!


  2. Oh, this is pretty, so pretty. Love the color! And the fact it has an actual bird feather, how genious.

  3. awesome!fritz ehhh? maybe we can do a joint thingie,your bird and mine!i have a lovebird that says joey and mummie does fritz talk?

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