tussie needs help

I don’t know what this one needs but I love the colors and one of my new dominoes has been added to it to give a little interest. I’ve made a couple for a craft yard sale this weekend…. Oh, I’m also showing you this little wooden hangy thing I altered, and I used glitter for the first time since I was 13. Other than that I’m a little under the weather so I don’t know if I’ll have made anything tomorrow… 🙂 we’ll see. 🙂

3 thoughts on “tussie needs help

  1. I will admit it now , I have a glitter abuse problem. I love it. I like how they both turned out. Hope you feel better. xo niTA

  2. If you had some lace (ditsy floral or small polkadot would work, too) ruffle I bet it would look awsome on the tussie. I’d put it right along the top, so the lower part of the blue tag is still showing. There I would add something interesting to create a focal point: a big button, a flower, a label…
    hey, but this is just me – you always have the most amazing ideas yourself!

    I have a big sale tomorrow, but will write first thing Friday re frou-frou. I need help coming up with a good questionnaire!

    Have a great day, if you feel under the weather, succumb to that. Spend a day resting, gardening, going out with the kids – your inner muse will thank you!

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