comitted to creativity for a month

well I can’t seem to show a good pic of what i decided to do with some of my dominoes… only one semi decent pic….
anyways…I had these puzzle pieces from a thingy I won… and couldnt figure out what to do with them… till now! I added some scrappin’ papers to each puzzle piece and then touched them up with a little ink and adhered the dominoes , and added a little wire hanger to each one…. so these little dangly things could be hung anywhere I think… 🙂 I’m also stating that I’m committing myself to one month of creativity … everyday I will make somthing new for me not for any reason but for the sake of creativity! ok I’m not saying this as eloquently as Karen from but thats where I read about it and decided to join in…. 🙂 we’ll see how it goes…. 🙂

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