tussie and new idea

I’m having a little craft-yardsale this weekend with an older lady from our church, who is quite ornery, and since I had such fun making my tussie mussie for my swap partner I made a bunch of them… I know I already showed you the blue one… I’ve got it pictured with it’s new look goin on… along with all the others I made … it took awhile to make them all… I didn’t do what most people do and use a party hat , I made the cone shape myself…anyways they’re all done and I think they’re snazzy looking!

So I had a weird dream the other night , and I’m not sure if it was me or just some random person but basically a woman was walking , or gliding really, through this unusual world and her hair was floating straight up! Above her head…. anyways… I’m just showing my sketch from my journal of what I’m thinking of doing….. oh I wanted to say if you go to Angela Cartwrights blog in the side bar you’ll see a little red square with pasticcio written in it… it’s the new zine she came out with , along with Sarah Fishburn… I just got mine in the mail today… it is awsome! go here http://acartwrightstudio.blogspot.com/ and click on the little red square to get your own…. k , gotta go

9 thoughts on “tussie and new idea

  1. Sorry about that..Love the Tussie Mussies..(I wasn’t able to use aparty hat for mine either).. what an interesting dream, you are such a talented artist.. must find my niche

  2. Those are wonderful tussie mussies. Your drawing of your dream is beautiful. I love the hair flying up … most cool!

    Your banners are amazing. I just checked out a bunch of them!

  3. I got a bit carried away with the tussies too, aren’t they fun? Love yours, they are festive!

  4. The tussies are just beautiful! I love how they are decorated. I hope you had smashing sales ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. hey, i m back! did u get mail yet?
    cool, these tussies! your schetch is very good!! dreams turn out well, not feeeling to well, well get back to you in a day or two.. hugs.P.

  6. oH, THEY ARE JUST LOVELY!!!An ornery woman??? Why her?? ha! Also, love the dream in illustration!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Gliding AND hair floating? That’s a bit scary! If I had dreams like that I’d wake up crying. I read you in my Google Reader so it has been a while since I ‘physically’ visit your blog in whole. I just noticed the Van Gogh quote. And if I hear a voice within me that says I cannot paint, it’s time to take my meds. ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. Oh yes! Your Tussie’s are very snazzy! Did you have great sales? I was in that swap too, and also got all inspired and made some Halloween Tussie’s – and will probably make Christmas ones too. I stumbled across your blog through “The Artful Christmas” swap. Glad I did!

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