SALT and my freebie

This is the freebie… please don’t put it on your collage sheets to sell or cd’s to sell… but please take it and cut it up and use how you will…
and below is my submission for the SALT challenge…

Well I have to say that I’m so glad that I learned about blogs and all that they entail and I’ve found so many exciting ways to explore My Art and the ways i want to interpret what I want to make… I want you to see what I see but not the way I see it… I’m sure you’ll see it in a totally different way… I am a homeschooling momma and I teach an art class to the other homeschooled kids on our base and I decided to do an inkblot art project. Well it was definately an experience … I don’t think they want us to do one like again anytime soon… I saw it as a totally different experience than it actually turned out… but we live and learn. Well all this doesnt really have to do with my post neccesarrily.. I’m still thinking of my friend nita and her hubby….What a change their life is gonna be from now on… I know from her blog and a letter from her recently that she has great Faith… anyways I’d still like to do my post for SALT which ironically, I think, is Life to the Full….. Do you live your life to the full?

10 thoughts on “SALT and my freebie

  1. I lvoe the vibrant reds you have used in this piece, and the depiction of the white figure, and perhaps the resemblence of butterflies meaning life? Basically I really like your piece, thanks for joining in

  2. This is a super contribution – thank you for joining in and your kind words about our Salt blog. Continuing to pray for Anita, her husband and family.

  3. Thank you for taking part! What a fab interpretation so vibrant and what a way to depict our life in Chist! Fantastic!

  4. Love your interpretation of the Salt challenge! The bright red of the hearts is a wonderful addition to the card.

  5. I love the stamps, or stubs, or whatever those cool tickety looking things around the edge are. =)

  6. Did you see the inkblot article in the latest Somerset studio?

    Love your ‘pink’, though I’m like you, don’t use pink a lot…

  7. This is a great piece. I love the graphic art nature of it and it just shouts out living life to the full in Jesus.

  8. Oh your ART is WONDERFUL, I’ve enjoyed my time so much visiting your blog…
    AND totally love your interpretation of the challenge for SALT, Brilliant, just Brilliant!

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