that’s me with pink chuck taylors sitting next to the handsome, very scared , little boy, my son!

these two guys had more duties after their parade duties! haha… I didn’t have the nerve to run up in front and take their pictures! 🙂

So this is one of the many things I’ve been doin over last week , and why I’ve not really been Blogging. Let me explain just a little … the quaint little town we live in here in Germany celebrate a festival where they grill up 100 pigs for everyone to enjoy…. heres the LEGEND
The Säubrenner Legend
It was the time of Friedrich von Ehrenburg
When the town was surrounded by the enemy
And only the walls and towers
Prevented it from being destroyed.
But one important evening
The guard of the Himmerod Gate
Was unable to find the bolt
And replaced it with a carrot.
Then came the terrible night
When a starving pig approached the gate
And ate the forbidden vegetable
Which opened the door to the enemy.
After several days had passed
And the foe had left the placeIn the city burned and robbed
All the pigs were driven to the market place
To roast them on the grill.
Since that time Wittlich is known
As the town of the Säubrenner,
The most famous “Pig Roasters”.
J. Mehs
you can also go here… http://www.saeubrenner.de/ to learn more… it’s so fun… we’ve gone every year so far… I’m just gonna show a few pics …. there are some from the parade and then some from rides and costumes etc etc…. oh and the pork is just wonderfull…. 🙂

3 thoughts on “PIG FESTIVAL

  1. what a amazing story and what fun it looks like you are having!
    I check your blog daily and enjoy you sharing your life with us!
    Thank you!

  2. I guess i will just have to make it to Wittlich one of these days 😉 thanks for sharing , dear.. btw.. did you get snail mail yet?

  3. I am so sorry I missed your comment about joining in on Committed to Creativity–you’re up on the blogroll now! I’ll be back often to check in!

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