Altered book and Nature Journal

also this is my charm for monday artdays charm swap….

Here’s the cover of my altered board book… I think I already showed that.

the little white bird…. poor little thing

and the flippin upside down journal spread… this isnt the whole big thing… it’s all that would fit on my scanner…. 🙂 camara still not available… anyways… its good right? but UPSIDE DOWN…. let me explain

Well awhile back I showed some pictures of the altered board book I’m working on for a swap…. last night I almost finished it… just some more journaling and stamping … you know finishing touches…. but I wanted to show you where I’m at with it…. 🙂 like I said it’s pretty much done other than last teeny tiny finishing touches…. I like it much more and I accidentally made it tell a little story…. which is in part a tribute to a little bird we had that flew away this weekend… poor little guy…. then there’s my Nature Journal RR . This is the next journal in the group that I just got and I decided to do my two pages on the center two pages…. well I guess it was too late or I was too in the groove but I did the whole beautiful thing…. UPSIDE DOWN….. whyyyyyyyyy…. its so awsome and I’m such a dork…. I don’t even know how I did that…. I mean I probably opened it up right-side up in order to start working…right? I don’t know anything , but that I’m a dork…. and I should go to the Dunce school below….

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