finished…. whooooo

I really loved this altered book starting out but then in the middle of working on it i just really didnt like it… then one night the kids got to bed extra early for some reason and my hubby was playing some sport or another and so I had time and got in the creative zone and little things started coming together and now I love this book and I hope my swap partner will as well! I know I just posted it but I wanted to show the finished last page for my creative day today ….

4 thoughts on “finished…. whooooo

  1. maybe this birdie and mine should get togther!gotta run. shes calling out mummy, and after that i have to do the laundry, just got in from work, sorry i havent been making stuff or posting lately, its really hot too

  2. Sheri, It looks much-improved, and really nice. It’s helpful to see “before” and “after” pics, I think. At least it helps me, since I’m new to all of this 🙂

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