my sacred life and creativity day3

I don’t know what day I’m on for this challenge… 🙂 but I wanted to show you the view from my back porch … this is my neighbers back porch… or what they call veranda… I know we also call it veranda but see I’m from Virginia and we call it back porch… I would have to say we live in such a beautiful country… its so green… but I guess our neighbors want to see everything green through the beautiful green glass windows. Also I’ve been working on some tags for a “what’s your tag” swap… they’re not completed yet , just one last thing that’s goin on all of them…. I loved these papers I got in another swap and I just had enough coordinating colored fibers to go with each one… I’ll show the finished product tommorrow. If you havent already check out the video I posted with the lady who makes lace! from our trip to brugge, belguim! My fingers twinge just watching her…….

3 thoughts on “my sacred life and creativity day3

  1. Hi Sheri – love your take on the salt challenge AND I LOVE those tags, basic grey is so effective on everything!!

  2. A beautiful view! Green is so live-giving…just looking at it causes me to breathe deeper. And love the tags!

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