my sacred life and creativity-day4

I don’t know if its cool that I’m lumping the two together or not but they go together for me most days…I must have creativity everyday…. and you CAN have creativity and not actually paint or draw or sculpt…. in fact I just did a ladies devotion with my church group a few weeks ago and i choose the theme of creativity…. I made up a bunch of little baggies full of ephemera for the ladies to make their own tags, each bag having different colors and themes. I talked super quick because I hate talking in front of people, but I reminded them that are creative, that God created them that way! I don’t think they really listened. anyways… I wanted to show my first attempts at ATC’S because I joined the monday artday atc group and watned to trade! and for my sacred life photo I’m showing where some of my creative things wait for me to take them and make somthing outta them. I also altered the little leg thing that holds up a photo frame… I have a few busted up frames and wanted to use up as much and I could! 🙂

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