ok so I’ve got a kinda melange goin on here for my post… but that’s cool…. I got tagged by michelle over at you know… the lady with the awsome crowns? its the middle name game… however many letters are in your middle name is how many people you tag and for each letter you give a description about yourself corresponding with that letter… I think that’s right. So my middle name is Marie … now it could be my momma gave me that ’cause she liked Elvis as much as I do and wanted to copy him , but I don’t know why she gave me that middle name.. .I only know that I was named for her best friend , Sheri. ok, ok… so…

M- Momma bird, because that’s my #1 job everyday, all day long.. I’ll always be a momma… it’s my favorite job.

A- Artist, duh! I also love this job.. although it’s more of a starving artist type job! šŸ™‚ But it’s so rewarding and exciting and neverending when it comes to somthing new to make!

R- Relaxed. Well sometimes relaxed , or maybe I just need to relax more…. that’s not always easy but it’s nice to just chill out and watch a movie or read a book or paint a picture… yes…. relax.

I- Igloo? Illegal? Ill-tempered? hmmm … Important people in my life , are my Hubby , my kids, sisters and brother, friends….

E- Everlasting Love…. that’s easy to find… just crack open the Bible and you’ll find it… I have!

ok so for my sacred life and creativity day 7 I’m showing my awsome stroller that I now take everywhere… It’s part of my sacred life because of the excercise, the energy that flows while we use it, the togetherness of being with my family , etc etc… I’m also showing a pic of an angel carved into the church facade because faith is such a huge part of my sacred life… the biggest part…. we all need it… whatever you might have faith in…. but here’s my symbol for it today… also one more atc! I’ve got to get busy on making a couple coffee themed ones for a swap in the monday artday atc group… if you think atc’s are fun then you should come join the group! theres a little tab somwhere over the on the right hand column…. check it out… that’s all for now folks…. have a wonderfull weekend….


8 thoughts on “create

  1. Awwww, sooooo cute!!!! The little sweeties are adorable!!! and your art is awesome!!! and I named my daughter Marie…love that name!!! Hugs, Carol

  2. What a pretty middle name! Thanks for shedding glitz on my crowns, but lady? come on…I should not have to be called a lady until I’m too old to create! LOL! Jk!

    Love the gothik angel.

  3. What a great post, I love to read journalling from the heart! I love being a Mum too, although I only have one baby. Best job ever! I love your ATC, and the photo of the church, and the stroller too! Cute kids!

  4. I think Sheri and Marie sounds cute together, maybe your mom chose it for that reason.
    I read Michelle’s comment about being called a lady. I don’t personally mind that. My pet peeve is Ma’m. I know it is polite in parts of the country, but it irks me tremendously if I’m called that (usually in a store). It always spoils my day.

    Btw, the stroller is super cool! Never seen a doubledecker before.

  5. Marie is my Mom and Grandmother and Grandbaby’s middle name. It is a very pretty name. Your daughter is lovely. xo nita

  6. You’re awesome! Love the photos and your list. I am a Christian, too! Glad I found your blog. It’s always refreshing like dipping my toe in a cool brook. : )

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