gothic arch- family

Well it’s that time again already! I think the Gothic Arch challenge is my new favorite… it’s been interesting coming up with new ways to play up the arch shape… I did a crayon resist background for this little pcture of kids holding hands which is so cute. Other than than the swiss army watch face , all other embellishments are paint! Very simple…. I really liked these colors together too…………


21 thoughts on “gothic arch- family

  1. love the blue greens!! and of course the two sweet vintage girls 😉

    love that leather journal~ wish I could draw!

    hope all is wonderful in your world

    xo ~Bella

  2. I love your style. Are you self taught? Where did you learn/discovery your different techniques (such as crayon resist)? I am on a quest and am hungry for more.

  3. Your Gothic Arches are so neat! You are a wonderful artist Sheri. Thank you sweetie for your prayers, and I will be praying for you. Take care of yourself. love nita

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