my sacred life and creativity day9

Well I wish I could take an actual picture and not a scan of my favorite journal….. but anyways…. today for my sacred life and creativity day 9 I’m showing it to you…. its leather bound with a little string to wrap it up in …. ok ok so I do more drawing then writing because I’m just not the best at writing… But I’m working on it…. hence the ole blog…. the pages I’m showing are some of my favorite doodles and drawings so far… one you might recognize from my recent Illustration Friday post. I recently decided to get supplies for making my own journals and books… I can’t wait till they arrive… all of this to say whats another part of my sacred life is journals , journalin, doodling, etc etc etc (sorry the kids really like The King and I)


5 thoughts on “my sacred life and creativity day9

  1. Hi Sheri….I have wanted to comment many times before but always had issues with the google account thing….got one, so now I can comment. I love the drawings. I seem to always doodle when I sit down to draw too. Love the shapes. I want to learn how to make books too…

  2. hey laney! which blog is yours? I can’t comment back! šŸ™‚ well I’m totally teaching myself but I’ve got one awsome book with great tutorials that I’ll try to post the name of so maybe you can check it out too! thanx for commenting!

  3. I love that journal! What kind of prns do you use? When it comes to doodeling, I’m addicted to my Rapidrograph set!

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