im too sick

Well I’ve got somthing really realy nasty…. a Uber nasty head cold… I can’t hardly hear a thing…. smeller’s not working a bit…. taste buds are all outta whack…. it’s just miserable… so I’ve not been making much…. so since I kinda forgot this week and last week I think too to give out a freebie I’m given 2! These strong european guys have to be made into somthing! right? Anyways if you think of poor old Sheri then please pray my nasty cold is gone by tommorrow night! It’s my 10th wedding anniversary! yay!
ok hope y’all are doin much better….. cough cough , sniffle


9 thoughts on “im too sick

  1. hope u get better soon! drink lots of water and dont 4 get to take your vitamins, and get as much res as possible.. tc..P

  2. I hope you feel better soon, having a cold is horrible, especially when you still have to look after the kids. Enjoy your Wedding Anniversary!

  3. Sheri, I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for all your lovely, encouraging comments on my blog. I really appreciate your kind words! Now get into bed, missy!

  4. Oh I hope you’r efeeling better soon! Best to let it take its course, not overexert yourself! Happy anniversary! (Mine was a couple of days ago!)

  5. OH!! I hope it is banished from your lovely self in hours!! I rented Mirror Mask.. Will watch it tonight!! xxo

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