two little things

Well I’m combing two challenges this week…. in one post…. SALT has a challenge entitled God’s promise…. I got the picture for the hands awhile back and have been wanting to use it for somthing for awhile… I can’t remember where I got it … everything else is my own materials that I just scanned in… this was done in powerpoint… So was my Monday Artday piece… I really really really wish we had psp or photo shop…. but I’m learning to use what I have……

This is my Monday Artday piece…. the theme was the farm…. I just got a bunch of really awsome old pics from a friend at church… she gave me permission to copy them and use them in my art… thay are awsome! I used two in this peice…..


6 thoughts on “two little things

  1. Wonderful, wonderful art. I love the hands with the flower, it is such an evocative piece. But the two photos together are fabulous too!

  2. What a vibrant piece of artwork for God’s Promises – love the rest of your artwork too. Thanks for taking part in the Salt challenge.

  3. Beautiful pieces Sheri, love your God’s promises piece, Wonderful images & scripture working beautifully together, and I just love your ‘farm’ piece too!

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