sacred life and creatvitiy

well obviously I did this journal entry yesterday… this is in that really cool leather journal I was telling you about…. I just love that thing…. anyways wednesday are kinda crazy for us because we have homeschooling all morning then we gotta get ready for a 20 min drive to my sons tai kwon do class , then we have church on wednesday nights…. well yesterday I just KNEW I would have time in the car, waiting between class and church, to sketch… .and well here is my sharpie marker flower… this page is still not done… but I really like to make at least one nice big thing on a page and work on it more later…. 🙂 so for my sacred life……. running around and waiting? hurry up and wait? busy busy busy? or is it taking the time to chill out and enjoy a break …….

some inchies for another swap… not gonna show them all… can you tell that I was in the mood for using my glitter gel pen? hahahaha……do you see a common theme? 🙂
some tags for a “what tag are you?” swap…. I’m a jack of all trades… not to say I’m master of none though…. I’m just saying that I’m a mom, artist, etc etc…..:)


7 thoughts on “sacred life and creatvitiy

  1. Love the flower. Please show the finished product as well.
    Do tell more about your inchies. Your blog is the first place I’ve heard of them. I’m intrigued.
    I tried going with a smaller purse, but found my journal and pencils just didn’t fit. It is more important to have them handy for such times as the the relaxing moments of waiting than to carry a smaller bag.

  2. Thanks for the info about inchies. I just ran across another blogger showing her inchies that she had quilted. Now I am in the know.

  3. I love the colors in the flower. Wonderful inchies! I’ve been meaning to make some–thanks for the inspiration!


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