only a little artfull

Well I don’t consider myself a writer… it’s just so hard to think of somthing to write! I guess you can do whatever you really want with art journals though, and that’s part of the attraction for me I think. Did anyone else have a nice weekend? The weather has been awsome here in Germany! At least in our little neck of the woods…. I do know its colder in Norway than here right now… it’s almost been shorts weather here! Must be an indian summer… well I’ve got some cool canvas’ I’ve been working on and I’ll show them soon enough… been having fun with paints lately…

these are two doodling pages I did while my hubby watched football. Yeah that gives me plenty ‘o’ time to doodle, draw and write….


3 thoughts on “only a little artfull

  1. Doodles are so introspective, refreshing, inspiring, calming, grounding. Random drawing can lead to some of the greatest stuff. I think it brings all the thoughts together in one place.

    The weather is really beautiful here as well. The leaves are beginning to change.

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