nothings working so……

… I can’t show you any of the other things I’ve been working on because of a little bit o laziness and not having everything I need to show it…. so then…. here are some digital collages I’ve been playing around with…. I realy really wish I had psp… I have a feeling I could have sooooooooo much fun with it… I have a lot of stuff I really want to show I’ve been working on…but I know how it is when I’m checking out blogworld and there’s nuthin’ new to see! 🙂 So here are some of my new favorite digital collages….




3 thoughts on “nothings working so……

  1. Hello! First time here & I found you through “Blog Banners!”

    I love your digital art!! And your gothic arch challenge pieces!! I have the template and NOW I’m going to finally go and make something for “Autumn” 🙂

    Anyway, so glad I stopped by. Your art really inspires me!

    – vicki xo

  2. Oh, you are dabbling into a whole new medioum. Love what you’ve made!!
    Wish I had the time to start exploring digital collage, but somehow juggling all those files seems so taunting… Tell me, is it taunting, or totally worth it??

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