shhh… don’t tell

Well my most favorite magazine Somerset Studio has a new theme that’s acutally due pretty soon which is Le Chateux…. well I found this really cute little recipe box that was shaped like a house and so I started messing with it and then I just went with the flow and added a pic of my hubby and I on our wedding day in the little doorway with the definition of spouse glued below it…. and other really fun little bits and peices…. whaddya think? I hope they pick it for that issue…. its “Our Chateux” 🙂 so don’t tell my hubby , I want to surprise him with the magazine if they choose it… oh I also found a fairly fitting antique page that had this poem on it…

“I wonder if ever a song was sung
But the singer’s heart sung sweeter;
I wonder if ever a rhyme was rung
But the thoughts serpassed the meter:
I wonder if ever a sculptor wrought
Till the cold stone schoed his ardent thought;
Or if ever a painter with light and shade
The dream of his innermost heart portrayed.”


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