made a little change…

so whaddya think? I know I keep changing the colors on yall… but I just had to change it again and found out that the blog had a tutorial on this if you want to do somthing like this to your blog and have been figuring out some things on your own like I’ve been having to do then check out both the links I gave you…. I loved the banner I got from susan tuttle and didnt want to change it but I just hated only getting to change the color of my background and none of the colors were really me…. so I found that link … check it out….


6 thoughts on “made a little change…

  1. So glad you posted these links! I’ve been struggling with blogger for the longest, and thought that I had scoured every help topic out there to find tutorials on this stuff! I’ve hated only being able to change templates and colors! What I really want is to find a way to be able to post my title that I made at the top of my blog! Thanks!

  2. I am going to try and change mine in the next few weeks. I really like mine, even if it is standard. But, I might switch back if I don’t like the new one. Thanks for putting the information on here, very helpful. xoxo nita

  3. Like the lined note book paper that’s under your posts, think that’s really cool! Thanks for the links, I might do something once I have more time.

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