the newest paintings

I’ve made some new things finally…. I’m such an insomniac …. really. So I stayed up until 2:30 a.m. working on these … well working on a lot of stuff… I kinda sorta decided to be a fill in “angel” for a swap that’s due by the 15th of october… I don’t think it will get there in time but I really wanted to help… it’s for a holiday cookbook journal…. I like swaps and themes centered around the GOOD holidays… everyone forgets Thanksgiving…. maybe they don’t have much to be thankfull for…. me I have a lot…. God is good…. anyways…. the paintings. Well I seem to be on this kick with my little ladies ever since this little lady and becuase of artists like this artist and like this artist as well I love their art! wonderfull , gorgeous , exciting…. So all that , if your reading it all, to say here is my newest little lady on an 8×10 canvas board, unfinished , but looking good so far… and if you remember journal entry then I can show you also my other newest painting based on that… its almost done…. I even put some sequins on it which is another new fun thing I like to do…. 🙂 ***ok I was having trouble uploading pics today but I’ll still show you my favorite new youtube video! ***


3 thoughts on “the newest paintings

  1. Sheri, I just wanted to say a big old “Thank You” for being able to fill my spot in the Cookbook Swap. Yes, it was I who had to drop out at the last minute, in fact I’ve dropped out of both. I feel bad about it, but some things have come up that have prevented me from being able to continue with them.
    Also, I love, love, love the tulip painting. So gorgeous!

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