I really love this stuff…..

I was working on few things late at night again and I have a ton of 8×10 canvas boards and 5×7 canvas boards as well…. to i just started messing around again and started on this butterful mixed media piece…. I love how its coming out…. lots of gold fluid acrylic and gesso and a little paper for the base…. I think I’ll add some words and little bits and pieces to it … oh that is a real piece of bamboo leaf the butterfly is resting on…. whaddya think?

I really do love it! So I got the next to last journal in the Nature Art Journal RR, and it is so awsome! the cover is just amazing…. I just couldn’t think of anything at first but then the ideas started coming and this is what I got! I’m not done by any means and I actually need to do a bit of journaling…. 🙂


6 thoughts on “I really love this stuff…..

  1. Beautiful, Sheri! What a great art journal you have. I don’t have one, but hope to tackle doing one someday. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Your butterfly looks like he could just fly away. That’s a dreamy sort of orange. Just curious what kind of glue you use to paste things down.
    I love the pattern pieces you’ve used. I’ve been dreaming of doing something like this for some time. Unlike you, I haven’t gotten it done yet.

  3. Sheri, your work is awesome! been thinking about u, recovering from the flu and hope to get back to normal.. soon!

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