so i know I’m way behind… probably didn’t think i was still in it but i am… later today I can show the things i’ve been working on to show you i’ve still been in it…. so for now i will make you a little collage with powerpoint again and also talk to you about THANKSGIVING the forgotten holiday… now maybe i’m a little late in talking about this since its practically here! but this is my favorite holiday…. not because of the turkey and plethera of food … but because its not a pagan holiday for one… and because its a holiday to celebrate giving thanx… not that i or those in my immediate family need a holiday put aside to celebrate giving thanx…. anyways…. it seems to me that america has forgotten this holiday and its become one more day to make all about somthing that its not about…. like its more about the macy parade…. and FOOTBALL…. and turkey…. not GIVING THANX….. anyways… i’ll have more to say on this later…. so for now here’s my powerpoint quickie…..


One thought on “aed-day16

  1. Sherri..the picture is beautiful. I understand how you feel about Thanksgiving and how it is forgotten. I know i am guilty of getting wrapped up in all of the busyness and forgetting about what I am thankful for and what a blessing and privilege it is to live in this country and to have the freedoms I have. Also the military men and women and their families that sacrifice so much to protect us. Thanks Sherri…

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