aed-17 trying to catch up!

so i’m showing a ton today…. i hope you enjoy the show…..
above is an almost finished altered book cover that i’m alost working on… it just doesnt feel finished…. 🙂

this is an awsome journal with a handmade cover that i stayed up making last night… and below is one entry , half finished in the brand-spanking new journal…. i’m excited to finally start some projects that i’ve wanted to for awhile … like my own handmade journals….this is my favorite so far…. the cover is made of chipboard with some handmade gorgwous red paper that i got at a german art supply store…. i cant remember the name of the stitch i used but its from a book called cover to cover… ugh sorry cant remember the name


5 thoughts on “aed-17 trying to catch up!

  1. Very beautiful! I am going to try to make an altered book soon. Maybe this week end after all the business is over. xoxo Nita

  2. I love the pattern of your journal cover. Your altered book cover is totally cool!!

    I still have to send you some book recommendations for children and flowers.

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