its not a finished shot

well i’m a big fat dork… i never took finished photos of my christmas cottage that i made…. my partner does not have a blog either as far as i know , so this is what your getting to see… the just before finished photos…. i got some dollhouse sized icicles…. and a dollhouse sized nativity scene……. not only is the roof covered in glitter but i piled it up around the snowmen and nativity scene…. i made a front door and made a little wreath with little golden decorations out of seed-beads and a gold bow…. i really wish i had a pic of that… oh i also put faces on the snowmen and little scarves (ribbon) … and i painted snow all over the sides of the cottage with a white out pen…. 🙂 it was a super fun project…. my partner got hers so thats why im showing it now….


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