Harlem Globe Trotters

well i made a little “for the holiday’s” change to the ole blog…. i just love that paper that i used in my very first handmade journal…. so thats the new background for now…. anyways… because of the way this week is going and this day as well so far, i cannot show some of the things i’ve been working on yet…. but i’m giving you this snowy wintery pic as a freebie , which i havent done in quite awhile….. and an awsome recipe for peanut butter play dough that the kids just LOVE! also wanted to say i’m going with the family TONIGHT to see the HARLEM GLOBE TROTTERS …. at our lowly little gym on base…. i’ve always wanted to see them/meet them/ what have you… so tonights the night! woohoo!…. 🙂 its for my kids that we are going… yeah that’s it…. 🙂 i’ll have to share some photos of the experience tommorrow…


2 thoughts on “Harlem Globe Trotters

  1. The Globe Trotters are here in Kansas City as well. How can that be? I always wanted to see them as a kid. My husband and daughter went for a free peek yesterday at the YMCA, but there was only one guy who mostly talked. Not very exciting.
    Have fun!
    Love the background. Wish I could touch it.

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