It’s been a long time

dsc04020-600-x-450.jpgdsc04017-450-x-600.jpgdsc04030-450-x-600.jpgdsc04032-450-x-600.jpgdsc04039-600-x-450.jpgdsc04041-600-x-450.jpgdsc04041-600-x-450.jpgdsc04042-600-x-450.jpgdsc04047-600-x-450.jpgdsc04029-450-x-600.jpgdsc04051-450-x-600.jpgdsc04055-600-x-450.jpgdsc04059-450-x-600.jpgdsc04065-600-x-450-450-x-600.jpgfinally getting to post a little about some swaps and some christmas time stuff.  We just can’t figure out what’s up with the computer, gonna try to ask some “experts” on base and maybe get a little help, other than that , this is where to find me temporarily.  I’ve already imported all of my blogger posts , so if there’s somthing you need to check out(boy i’m full of myself, ey?) , then its all been put in here as well. 

So I have pics to show from my artfull christmas swap and my holiday cottage swap and 12 days of christmas swap, but so’s not to bore you ( if anyone’s out there!) we’ll just start with the artfull christmas and some family pics… don’t ask my why I’m not wearing orange and why everyone else is.  They all just so happened to pick out orange that day!  🙂


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