canvas art , journal art

scan10055-480-x-600.jpgscan10103-438-x-600.jpgscan10100-600-x-438.jpgscan10102-600-x-438.jpgI recently read an interesting post about somones fears about painting vs. their freedoms in collaging…. i feel the opposite… i think painting has more freedoms and I’m trying to find my own little way of expressing myself using both art forms… i love both equally even if one does give me more greif… but with so many awsome artists out there , I know its possible to master it!  Anyways I’m in awsome yahoo group, art-e-zine, and they did a swap at the end of year last year , a canvas swap.  I was lucky enough to get Gillian Allens canvas … she’s like the head cheese I guess and there’s a reason why… the two big pics are of her canvas and mine.  You might or might not remember mine…. the lady with the fish in her dress.  Also I’ve been working on changing the way I scrap our photos… whether its trips, births, or holidays.   I’m just tired of doin the same old thing… i’ve become completely ispired by coreymoortgat  and maryannmoss   and so I’m showing some  very unfinished pages from a little journal I’m making of my 3rd born…. the 1st and 2nd are in progress. 


2 thoughts on “canvas art , journal art

  1. As always, you inspire me. I’ve really struggled with finishing (or beginning) the kids’ baby books. I think I can collage a book for each of them with joy rather than trepidation. Now I’d better get on that. My daughter is 14!

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