wintery wonderland…. only not in Germany

dsc04197-450-x-600.jpgNo really, it has only snowed once here in Germany where we live….Once!  Talk about global warming… so you may or may not remember some of the swaps I said I was in over the holiday season…. above you will see the most awsome cottage from the holiday cottage swap…. my partner just made the best one… it even lights up on the inside!  I have better pictures of it , but that’s for later.dsc04194-600-x-450.jpghere we have the “Holiday Cookbook Journal” swap that i participated… more pictures of that later as well… amazing , amazing cookbook journal… i love it and have already tried many of the recipes… in fact the last picture is with my faerie princess daughter Smiley, making cookies from one of the recipesdsc04199-450-x-600.jpghere is one of the photos i could find of one of the things i made for the 12 days of christmas swap i did with michelle

over at faerie-dust-dreams.  fun swap and i have more photos of everything everyone else did in that swap as well.  so this is a pretty blah post I know but I have some fun things I’ve been fiddling around with that I will show you tommorrow!  Have fun making somthing purdy!

dsc04195-600-x-450.jpgoh wait !  this is cute… my son is a huge legos fan , and isnt he just the luckiest guy in the world considering we’re in the land where legos were invented!  in fact they have legoland not too far from here!  like the theme park… anyways… I had to take a picture of my sons lego christmas/wintertime lego decorations…. its just the cutest thing.  Only don’t tell him I said it was cute, because he’s 9 now!  Cute is just not cool at all!  Also we did a super simple craft recently , with styrofoam balls, some construction paper, a little glitter , markers and actual teeny-tiny branches (twigs) for arms for our little snowman familey… see the baby for MY baby?  🙂  enjoy the alst photo of my beautiful faerie princess…  dsc04165-600-x-450.jpgdsc04208-450-x-600.jpg


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