thank you chicken?

scan10101-600-x-423.jpgWell I can’t seem to find some pictures of some of the things I’ve been involved in lately, so this is just gonna be a one photo post.  Today I worked on a card for my hubby…. he needed somthing to send to our old church, and he said it didn’t need any specific theme…. so while the kiddies worked on paper work this morning, I worked on this card ( well i also did the dishes, a load of laundry, sewed on a tai kwon do patch, and did two rows in a baby blanket).  Anyways, I got out my favorite crayons  and folded up a piece of watercolor paper to about 5×7, drew my design , and then played with the crayons.   These are such awsome crayons.


One thought on “thank you chicken?

  1. I too have my favorite crayons that I try to keep seperate from Dyllan’s ! So glad to see you blogging again! your new site is so much different from your old one! I like all the info tab’s , makes it look like a web page!

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