Babies Art Journal

Well I can’t for the life of me, figure out how to get a nice in-between size picture… its just really huge (even though I’ve resized them) or a thumbnail…. so it may take me a few more posts to figure that out.  So I’ve got some almost done pages I’ve worked on my youngests baby book.  He’s still a baby, and they say when your scrapping to start from the present and work your way backwards… right?  anyways sorry to make you have to click on the little pics but you can click on them to see a little better.  I’m really having fun making my own backgrounds and designs for this style and theres more freedom with the journaling around the photos.  I love it!  I’m trying to stop spending so much money on all the extra little doodads and do my own thing.  Oh please check out my pregnant photo in one of the little thumbnails, just to get a laugh.  that’s me the night before I gave birth to my 9lb 4oz baby.  He’s only the 2nd biggest too!  🙂  Obviously the cheerio layouts are my favorite so far.  I dont like such bright colors normally but this is a kids book, and I love how it turned out!




4 thoughts on “Babies Art Journal

  1. Love it! My how your belly protruded! 🙂
    What kind of book are you using for this project?
    And thank you so much for the teaching suggestions. My head is whirling with ideas now.

    Oh, and I’ve been using google Picasa to post pictures. It allows you to have pictures online like flicker which you can link to and choose the size picture you would like on your blog.

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