Playing around


playing around… at first i was just gonna talk about playing around with the digital picture i’ve got and making somthing pretty or funny or dark and meaningfull….but then i started thinking about my family.   we like playing around, you know?  playing in the yard , at dinnertime, at bedtime, at bathtime, when family comes to visit, in the car, at the park , etc etc.  my hubby’s family is funny…. they are always playing around.  they are very funny.  there’s always somthing to laugh about , or someboday to pick on or somthing fun to do.  it’s always interesting!  my bil and dil are in town visiting and they are a hoot.  my dil trys speaking to the germans when we go out and about and its just hillarious.  he doesnt even make an effort to try to speak the language.  he’s like a big kid, so is my bil and when they get together with my hubby its like three big boys to play with.  they don’t let you forget that your still a kid in some ways…. there’s always time for playing around. 


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