My Love…..

scan10114-480-x-600.jpgMy hubby and I are not into holidays…. we go out for our birthdays and for our anniversary but all other holidays (including christmas ) have become so commercialized , so we don’t celebrate them….. but he is leaving soon for a long deployment and I wanted to show him how much I looooooooove him…. so I made a mixed-media , collage on an 8×10 canvas board….. whaddya think?  🙂  oh that is my alltime favorite photo of us.  My grandparents raised my siblings and I , and one time before my hubby and I got married he came to visit me at my grandparents house , and my grandparents just looooooved him, and so my grandpa wanted to take some pics of us together outside, and he had us pose under the appletree and just as told us to say cheese my hubby pulled me close and kissed me!  in front of my grandpa!!!  now I’m glad…. but then , well I was so embarrased!  eek! 


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