computer blues


well i know its been a long long looooooong time …. our computer totally messed up and it happened the weekend befor my hubby left which really sucks since this is one of our only ways to communicate while he’s deployed.  anyways its finally up again thanx to his boss who rocks!  he’s got this thing running so awsome now…. whoooo hoo!  so i’m back again and i wanted to show my page in my son’s baby book since it didn’t come out so good in the post it was in originally.  i just got my baby computer back today so i dont have everything hooked up yet and i dont have all my pics on here even, since the guy had to totally wipe out the computer in order to basically start over.  anyways all that to say that later tonight or tommorrow i’ll be showing what i’ve been up to during this haitus….

i just wanted to say hi!  i missed this and all of y’all! 

hope your happily creating and having happy accidents! 


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