Roses are red….

So I’m sure that if you know some things about Germany then you know they have lots of wonderful things to take home as a souvenir.  I have been looking for a smoker that is a painter , the entire 3yrs we’ve lived here, i mean i’ve gone to all the christmas markets and all the shops….. so one day my friend goes to the gift shop on our base , of all things, and they say yeah they have one!  So here is my little friend Painter Willie.  🙂 


Anyways I have a friend here who saw some paintings I’ve done, and said she liked my style , and wanted to hire me to paint some paintings over a period of time.  The first one she really wanted was some red roses and she wanted it big , so this is what I’ve been working on for a few weeks.  I havn’t finished it yet but I really like how it’s coming along.  whaddya think?



3 thoughts on “Roses are red….

  1. Beautiful. I love the red too. I’m sure your friend will be well pleased.
    And this makes me dream even more of doing something large-scale.
    Painter Willie is hilarious. What a treasure.
    So glad your computer is working again. Blogland is not the same without you.
    Oh, and I got the Art of Personal Imagery from the library and absolutely love it. I’m waiting for Acrylic Revolution as well, but there are 10 people in front of me. Patience. Corey Moortgat is giving me plenty to chew on in the mean time. Thank you for sharing your favorite books. I’ve learned so much through you.

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