Stayed up late working on this… did it all in one night!  entered it into a show online… we’ll see what happens.  was so fun!  i tried a few new things i’ve not done before… and i learned that i don’t like some of the things i tried… for example i don’t like watercolors pencils… at all.  I’ve now decided they just don’t work with my style or do what i want them to do.  does anyone need some perfectly good watercolor pencils?  maybe we could trade… 🙂  anyways… this is called the magic of believing……



5 thoughts on “believing

  1. Hi Sheri,
    Hey I’m so glad you switched to wordpress. I visited your blog, but always had challenges to leave a comment….could never remember my password….this is beautiful, her eyes are very soulful. Happy Easter!

  2. Very fun. It’s amazing you finished this in one night!
    I’ve tried watercolor pencils too, and found I only like them with pencil sketches, but not in collages.
    Have you tried watercolor crayons? I haven’t. Just wondered what your experience was.

  3. I love how the canvas is rectangular so the painting ‘reads’ like you have to follow it with your eye starting with the flower and then move toward wand and then up to her face and beyond. its like a visual poem.

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