you have the right blog….

it’s still me!  i’ve been meaning to get my hair cut for a long time… this is the longest its ever been… if you look on the side of the blog there you’ll see the old hair-doo…. my hubby loves short hair and i thought i’d send him some teasing pictures in the desert…. :)i really miss that guy…. he’s been gone forever now it seems like and we still about 6mths to go!  anyways….  whaddya think?


here is the 10″ that got off today!  i’m sending it on to locks of love…..


don’t worry though….this post is not totally without a little art!  i joined in on a fun Wizard Of Oz book collaborative…. these are just the bases of what I’m really gonna do… i’m planning to print these out and then embellish them somehow… i don’t know how yet but it will be very cool! 



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