little changes

well i’ve made a couple small changes… put my favorite artists list in a new page… its so big i felt it needed its own page.  i also keep playing around with things and made a new banner… whaddya think?  🙂  and now i’m just playing around with what i’m posting about… the main piece is called her home… i think i might make a collage from this… i mean a paper one.  and then i wanted to show a little sketch for an idea i have for a new mixed-media piece.  also have you guys seen the movie… I Am Legend…?  i don’t get to go out to see movies , i have to wait till they come out on video… its cheaper and more relaxing this way.  anyways i just watched it last night… it was good!  🙂  ****i cant load pictures!!!  and wordpress looks weird now!  different!!!  hellllp!*****

***ok dont know how i figured it out but now i have pics!  yay!****


2 thoughts on “little changes

  1. i really like your new banner. i am trying to get all my links added to my new site and to get some photos there to. take your time on the painting because i am not finished with my book and it will probably be the end of summer before i need it. xoxo nita

  2. I just got on my blog after a long weekend away, and you’re right, it is so different.
    Her home is so cool. You could call it my home and it would be true. 🙂

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