So I wake up this morning and go downstairs to start the coffee and notice that there is an unusual light coming in under the closed curtains…. I take a peek …. and this is what i see….

of course i had to get the kids all dressed up to play in it… because it was their first real time to get to all winter… even though this is GERMANY today was the first real snow day for our little town!  at first this made it a good day… but then it gradually became one of those aggrivating days!  my little daughter , whose nickname is SMILEY, has pink eye!  first time too…. ugh…. but i’m not gonna let any of things get me down…. i wanted to show you what are day looked like today and leave you with two more things… the mary j. blige video “i’m fine”  and my little collage entitled “keep the faith” …….


3 thoughts on “freezing

  1. Hello from Texas! My Hubby and I visited Germany in the 80’s…beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful day! Also unbelievable that it hasn’t snowed more there! Crazy weather! hugs

  2. Just checkin’ out the new tabs and your new look. I love change. I like how your blog looked before, but change is good. Did you have the Your Creativity tab before? Very cool.
    I have been longing for warm weather for so long that the snow does not look inviting. It just looks cold. But I bet the kids enjoyed it!

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