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well i wanted to make somthing tonight…. i did have a little craft show i was going to participate in this saturday but with pink-eye running rampant in my household, that put the craft show on hold. so i still wanted to finish up making the things i was going to make for it… and i wasnt in the mood for painting or anything else, so i made some journals. i cute up lots and lots of watercolors paper and punched the holes in the paper and the chipboard and bound them up with my little bind-it-all.  (i love that little machine)  so i decided to put them in my SHOP in celebration of making my fourth sale today!  yay!  🙂 also i recieved awards from two awsome bloggers…. AMANDA gave me the art prize and award and ALICE gave me the blogging with a purpose award… i don’t think i deserve either but they are so sweet to nominate me…. i dont play the nominate game very well because i think everyone has purpose with their blogs and if you read my “Your Creativity” tab at the top up there then you know i think everyone deserves and art award…. so if you reading this post then I nominate you! 


One thought on “journals, journals, journals,awards

  1. congratulations on the award! and don’t you just love the bind it all? I love how professional it makes my books look! no more punching crooked holes by hand with my crop a dile…

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