IF and it’s my Birthday…..

**sorry i just realized that some are confused about what day my b-day is… its the 13th!  i posted this on the 13th at 1am my time but DUH wordpress is not on european time!**

i havn’t done an illustration friday for a long time…. the theme this week is fail…. so i did a sketch in my journal and then scanned it and painted it with the gimp program!  also its my birthday and funny thing i actually know someone else with the same birthday who has an awsome blog…. so say happy birthday to MICA !!


9 thoughts on “IF and it’s my Birthday…..

  1. Hi
    I found your blog through Amanda at HIdden Art.
    I enjoyed surfing your blog and I will be back again.

    Your work is very good and very beautiful. You are a very talented lady. I love the orange rose. just beautiful.

    My granddaughter donated her long locks about a year ago also.

    I see that you have a link for The Childs Paper, that is my daughter in law Mica.

    Happy Birthday Leanne
    God BLess You
    Patti/Treasure Barn

  2. Happy Birthday to you!!

    I found you through Mica, my sister~in~law. Garb~oodles Soup. You two have the same birth date. I hope your day was wonderful, and congratulations on winning her “giveaway”.


  3. Happy birthday to you too !!! You won my drawing. I will need your addy !!! When you can send me an e-mail and I will ship your comfies to you!!!! Hope you had a great b-day !!!! Hugs, Mica

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