my journal

so i’ve altered books, and i’ve altered kids books, and i’ve made little skinny altered notebooks, but i’ve only ever made ONE visual journal and it’s 100% personal…. it’s from a very blue time in my life and it actually has the title “The Blue’s Cure”.  so lately i’ve been really really wanting to journal more… i’ve gotten so many good ideas from my sketches but i really want more of the art i make to be just for me.  so this is my newest journal…. there’s no cover yet… i’m looking for a nice old book cover that i can add to it but i can’t find the right size yet…. all i did was a take a TON of water color paper and bind it with two big key chain thingys.  so far the pages i’ve made have just the bare-bones of what they will eventually become….


2 thoughts on “my journal

  1.’s beautiful. I love the colors you used. If you can’t find a cover to fit why not copy one you like onto card stock and use that on the cover? Just an idea.

  2. Fun, fun. I like the way you put your own journal together too. I’ve only used prefab so far, and never completed one. I love the imagery and colors in yours. I hope you show more as you go!

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